Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hello, and welcome to my blog!! This will be my space to connect with other teachers, share ideas and resources, and make some new friends!

What better way to introduce myself then to offer a freebie!!! This is in no way very fancy or unique-- just something I made today for practice with my kiddos tomorrow.  I'm still figuring out how to share things, so bear with me while I figure out how to convert what I have as jpegs into one document for easier printing... right now the whole thing is in one file, but the pages are out of in, the last page is first etc.  Nothing major, but yeah.  I'm learning. =)
Enjoy!  And leave me a comment if you take this, please!



Kristin Wynegar said...

I am excited to see more of your work. Come visit my blog and say hello sometime. :)

Ms. Preppy said...

How cute! My 2nd graders will enjoy this later in the year! Thanks for sharing. :)

Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

BBee's Corner said...

Hello! :) I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, and I'm also your newest follower!!
Go to to check it out!!


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